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We discovered that certain essential oils match the specific sound frequencies in the Solfeggio music scale. These are the specific hertz frequencies that correlate to the body's own natural energy centers or Chakras--a Sanskrit word meaning "Wheel."  


We developed a scientific method using the vibration of Solfeggio hertz frequency tuning forks to determine which essential oils belong in each of our particular Solfa Scents blends. The result was seven formulas each designed to match a specific chakra frequency vibration.

Sound Healing in a Bottle

Solfa Scents blend the healing power of solfeggio sound frequencies with the aromas of essential oils to help bring the body's own natural energy field into balance and restore harmony for body, mind and spirit.

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Experience the Power of Sound Frequency Aromatherapy

Indulge in the transformative world of aromatherapy and unlock the natural healing benefits of essential oils. Solfa Scents aromatherapy products share the Solfeggio music scale frequencies to naturally balance the body's chakra energy centers.

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Personalized Essentials ~ Essences of Light

Indulge in your very own personal aromatherapy blend created just for you! Experience amazing fragrances that uplift and inspire, specifically matched to your energy field.

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Solfa Scent's FAQ

What are Solfa Scents?

Scents are fine-mist aromatherapy spray blends that match the specific vibrational hertz frequencies of the solfeggio music scale.

We discovered that certain essential oils share frequency with sound. Each blend of Solfa Scents was carefully created to ensure resonance with the solfeggio, which are the natural frequencies of the body's energy centers, or chakras.

How do I use Solfa Scents?

Solfa Scents fine mist blends are intended for aromatherapy use. They are best used by spritzing in the air, usually above the head or anywhere in the room. Use them anywhere you can breathe in the aromas to lift your energetic vibration.

Solfa Scents can also be used as a complementary addition to any Reiki, Yoga or Solfeggio tuning fork technique. Simply spritz the air before, during or after a session!

How are Solfa Scents different from other Chakra Sprays?

Most chakra sprays on the market do not incorporate sound into their process. While some may use tuning forks to impart sound into their products, Solfa Scents uses a scientific process to determine which essential oils resonate at the frequency hertz that matches the frequency hertz of the Solfeggio tuning forks. The key was discovering which essential oils resonated with which of the Solfeggio music notes.
All throughout the testing and creating process, I endeavored to ensure that the Solfeggio tuning forks resonated with the essential oils used, and hence, resonate with each of the Solfa Scents blends. When the Solfa Scents blends are complete, the corresponding Solfeggio tuning fork is once again sounded over the finished product before sending it on to the consumer.

How do I choose which Solfa Scents Spray is right for me?

Any of the Solfa Scents can be beneficial, even if your chakras are in good shape. However, there are ways to know which particular scent may be of more benefit depending on your situation. See my blog post on this topic for more information.

How do you determine which oils go into your blends?

I developed a scientific method using the Solfeggio hertz frequencies to determine which essential oils resonate with each tuning fork. The stronger the connection, the more likely it is for that essential oil to be included in Solfa Scents formulas.

What brand of essential oils do you use?

There are many wonderful brands of essential oils on the market. Solfa Scents uses 100% pure essential oils, organic or therapeutic grade where possible. My focus is not on being "brand loyal" concerning the essential oils I use, but rather, on whether (and how strong) the oils resonate with the tuning forks. If the tuning forks "love" the oil, then those are the oils generally included in my formulas.


"Using essential oils with vibrational sound healing to resonate with our chakra energy centers is brilliant! I purchased the full chakra blend set and have enjoyed the way the scents resonate with my being.
Thank you!!"

Sharon H.

"These chakra oils really stand out from any other I've ever used. Each one has a very pleasant scent, I keep the solar plexus (MI/Yellow) one on my kitchen counter at home and the throat (SOL/Blue) one on my desk at work. I always notice a difference after I use them."

Christy R.

"The Personalized Essentials scent which I use upon arising each day gives me an energetic boost, which sets my day off in a positive and powerful trajectory."

Scott P.